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Title: A Study in Entropy, Author: Karen Harrison
Title: Monuments to a Stolen Revolution and Other Poems from Bucharest, Author: James Ramsay
Title: Black Nightshade, Author: Teresa Moure
Title: The Clowns from Paradise, Author: Xelís de Toro
Title: Solitude Island, Author: An Alfaya Pre-Order Now
Title: Sad Weapons, Author: Marina Mayoral
Title: Winter Letters, Author: Agustïn Fernïndez Paz
Title: His Excellency, Author: Carlos Casares
Title: I Love You Leo A. Arrivals Terminal...?, Author: Rosa Aneiros
Title: Stones Of Ithaca, Author: Jonathan Dunne
Title: Corridors of Shadow, Author: Agustín Fernández Paz
Title: Fossil Time and Book of Devorations, Author: Pilar Pallarés
Title: Folks From Here and There, Author: Álvaro Cunqueiro
Title: Tartarus, Author: Antonio Manuel Fraga
Title: Harvest Moon, Author: Anxos Sumai
Title: Secrets in the Sunset, Author: Iria Misa
Title: Night of the Crow, Author: Abel Tomé Pre-Order Now
Title: Europe Express, Author: Andrea Maceiras
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Title: The Book of Imaginary Journeys, Author: Xabier P. DoCampo
Title: The Box of Resentments, Author: Héctor Cajaraville

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