Title: Priceless, Author: Miranda Silver
Title: While Rayne Sleeps, Author: Taylor Ashton
Title: The Wicked Lady - Historical Romance, Author: Brenda Jernigan
Title: Cotton Candy, Author: Taylor Ashton
Title: Another Piece of Candy, Author: Taylor Ashton
Title: September Storm - Contemporary Romance, Author: Brenda Jernigan
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Title: Dodging Bullets: When getting out of the game is harder than getting in, Author: Michael Gerald
Title: Milk & Honey, Author: Taylor Ashton
Title: A Cordial Christmas, Author: Nancy O'berry
Title: Crave: An Erotic Story Collection, Author: Miranda Silver
Title: Eros & Fairy Tales, Author: Taylor Ashton
Title: Cooper's Choice (The Evans Family, Book Six), Author: Collette Scott
Title: Chocolate Seduction, Author: L. Neal
Title: Save The Drama For Your Mama!: A Leader's Guide To Establishing Personal Accountability & Managing Change, Author: S.L. Mackey
Title: The Rancher's Irish Bride, Author: Nancy O'Berry
Title: The Complete Book of Revelation, Author: Orin Bogart
Title: The Herbs and Weeds of Fr. Johannes Künzle, Author: Jolanta Wittib
Title: The Resurrection, Author: Richard Crane
Title: The Deadfall, Author: Lilly Black
Title: Infection, Author: Gregory W Ellis

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