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Title: Fields of Death, Author: Conrad Jestmore
Title: Carnal Entertainment, Author: Sonja Flowers
Title: Baker's Dozen, Author: Harris Tobias
Title: Death on the HIll, Author: James Snedden
Title: Operation Starfire, Author: Kevin  Barker
Title: No Experience Necessary, Author: Taylor Ashton
Title: Demoniac, Author: Anna Rose
Title: Virtual Success: How To Build High Performing Virtual Teams, Author: S.L. Mackey
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Title: Serpens Abyss: A Novella, Author: T.D. Nutt
Title: Chaz Strebor - Or Is He?, Author: Janet Blaylock
Title: The Rebel, Author: Nathan Johnson
Title: The Middle-Age of Aquarius, Author: Barry Parham
Title: Vecnost popolam, Author: Elena Logunova
Title: THE TWO COMPANIONS*, Author: Rondori Gozaimashtia
Title: The White Privilege, Author: Kenneth Lynch
Title: Stories That Uplift and Inspire: A Christian Anthology of Short Stories, Author: Venice Kichura
Title: Under An Emotive Sky, A Book of Poetry, Author: Kate Hoctor-Bieler
Title: Meditations on My Lady, the Virgin Mother, Author: Judith Michel
Title: The Rude Princess, Author: Harris Tobias
Title: Hurdles In Making Relationships Work, Author: Anderson Rosemont

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