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Title: Sessions with John: The Vocabulary of Grace, Author: Robert B Setzer Jr
Title: The Cotton Patch Gospel, Author: Clarence Jordan
Title: The Jesus Tribe: Following Christ in the Land of the Empire, Author: Ronnie McBrayer
Title: Formations Teaching Guide (SeptemberDecember 2021), Author: Leigh Powers
Title: The Worship Hour: Pastoral Resources for Congregational Connection, Author: Daniel Bagby
Title: Cotton Patch Gospel: Matthew and John, Author: Clarence Jordan
Title: Reading Deuteronomy: A Literary and Theological Commentary, Author: Stephen L. Cook
Title: Beulah, Author: Kee Sloan
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Title: Reading Job: A Literary and Theological Commentary, Author: James L. Crenshaw
Title: Silver Linings: My Life Before and After Challenger 7, Author: June Scobee Rodgers
Title: A Five-Mile Walk: Exploring Themes in the Experience of Christian Faith and Discipleship, Author: Michael B. Brown
Title: Crossroads in Christian Growth, Author: W. Loyd Allen
Title: Living a Narrative Life, Author: Keith Herron
Title: The Black Church: Relevant or Irrelevant in the 21st Century?, Author: Reginald F. Davis
Title: Cotton Patch Gospel: Paul's Epistles, Author: Clarence Jordan
Title: James: Being Right in a Wrong World—Annual Bible Study (Study Guide), Author: Michael D. McCullar
Title: When God Whispered My Name: Stories of Journey Told by Baptist Women Called to Ministry, Author: Kathy Manis Findley
Title: The Baptist Identity: Four Fragile Freedoms, Author: Walter B. Shurden
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Title: Preaching & Intimacy: Preparing the Message and the Messenger, Author: Charles B. Bugg
Title: A Baptist's Theology, Author: R. Wayne Stacy

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