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Title: Problem Solving in a Foreign Language, Author: Lena Heine
Title: Research and Perspectives on Processing Instruction, Author: James F. Lee
Title: Production-Comprehension Asymmetries in Child Language, Author: Angela Grimm
Title: Cognitive Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and Foreign Language Teaching, Author: Michel Achard
Title: Meaning in the Second Language, Author: Roumyana Slabakova
Title: At the same Time...: The Expression of Simultaneity in Learner Varieties, Author: Barbara Schmiedtova
Title: Minimalist Inquiries into Child and Adult Language Acquisition: Case Studies across Portuguese, Author: Acrisio Pires
Title: Early Child Cantonese: Facts and Implications, Author: Shek Kam Tse
Title: Functional Categories in Learner Language, Author: Christine Dimroth
Title: Time in Child Inuktitut: A Developmental Study of an Eskimo-Aleut Language, Author: Mary D. Swift