Title: Escape to Vindor, Author: Emily Golus
Title: Mists of Paracosmia, Author: Emily Golus
Title: Handing It Down, Author: Tim Thurber
Title: Sanctification: The Neglected Spiritual Experience, Author: Bishop Ron Hill
Title: With Each Passing Moment, Author: Shirley Leonard
Title: Writing the Christian Nonfiction Book: Concept to Contract, Author: David E Fessenden
Title: SOT Manual, Author: DC Robert Monk
Title: Building Better Schools by Engaging Support Staff, Author: Sam Bartlett Mus Mus Mus Mus   Mus Mus Mus Mus
Title: The Artisan Teacher: A Field Guide to Skillful Teaching, Author: Mike Rutherford
Title: J-Walking: A Guide to Following Jesus for New and Growing Christians, Author: Dr. Arnold R. Fleagle
Title: Tailor Your Fiction Manuscript in 30 Days, Author: Zoe M. McCarthy
Title: A Christian Writer's Guide to the Book Proposal, Author: David E. Fessenden