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Title: The Accidental Salvation of Gracie Lee, Author: Talya Tate Boerner
Title: The Guy in the Box: A Short Story Collection, Author: Iain S Baird
Title: Call Me Charlotte, Author: Dana L. Brown
Title: Lottie Loser, Author: Dana L Brown
Title: The Greysons, Author: Dana L Brown
Title: Crossing The Blue Line, Author: William Mark
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Title: From Behind the Blue Line, Author: William Mark
Title: Where Light Cannot Reach, Author: William Mark
Title: Eddie That's Spaghetti, Author: Christa Blaney
Title: Mighty Madeline, Author: Julia Mason
Title: Forbidden Chronicles of a Roman Centurion, Author: John Chaplick
Title: Land Without Mirrors, Author: Marina Brown
Title: Lisbeth, Author: Marina Brown
Title: The Day the Mirror Cried, Author: Saundra Gerrell Kelley
Title: Fixing Boo Boo, Author: Pat Stanford
Title: DOWN UNDER: Kussins, Author: Mark Wayne Wayne Adams
Title: St. Nic, Inc., Author: Sr. Staley
Title: The Pirate of Panther Bay, Author: Sr. Staley
Title: Paisley Memories: The Beginning of Me, Author: Zelle Andrews
Title: Scribble Dee Sophie, A Story for Young Artists and Their Parents!, Author: Karen Spruill

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