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Title: Avenger, Author: Blair C. Howard
Title: MYTHBORN I, Author: V. Lakshman
#1 in Series
Title: Harvest Day: The Sovereign Code, Author: Tamar Sloan
Title: Akin Minds, Author: Anthony Mercier
Title: The One Who Knows Me, Author: Joan Embola
Title: Hard Case, Author: J. Hali Steele
#1 in Series
Title: Brave Men Run: A Novel of the Sovereign Era, Author: Matthew Wayne Selznick
Title: Craving A King: An African Royal Romance, Author: Louise Lennox
Title: Fighting Kane: Book 1 of The Sovereign Series, Author: R.K. Knightly
Title: The Lost Emerald of Briarwood, Author: Vona Stewart
Title: The Blue Moon Narthex, Author: N.J. Donner
#1 in Series
Title: Sovereign's Handbook: Sovereignty & Power, Author: Johnny Liberty
Title: Society Dawning: Sovereign Magi Society - Book 1, Author: T. J. Vensarn
Title: Alexius: Dark Mafia Romance, Author: Bella J
Title: Sovereign Lion: A Biblical Theology from the Book of Revelation (Chapters 1-7): A Christ-Centered Resource Book of Notes, Outlines, & Practical Application from the Book of Revelation for Pastors, Teachers, Bible Study, & Homeschool Parents, Author: Jerry L. Parks
Title: RIGHTEOUS SOVEREIGN IMAGINATIONS: : Unleash Your Ideas and Thoughts, Author: Reign Billings Sr.
Title: Armistice, Author: S. Marie Carlson
Title: Well of Darkness: Volume One of the Sovereign Stone Trilogy, Author: Margaret Weis
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Title: Voyage of the Dead: Sovereign Spirit Saga #1, Author: David P Forsyth
Title: Sovereign Social Protocal: Life and Death In The Council, Author: Bernadette Allen

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