Title: Baby's First Apocalypse, Author: Zara Lisbon
Title: Un Mango Grows in Kansas, Author: Huascar Medina
Title: Against Music, Author: Raphael Maurice
Title: Little Planet Raisins, Author: Jason Youngclaus
Title: All Around Cowboy, Author: Scot Young
Title: Saved Rounds, Author: Matt Borczon
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Title: Eating a Cheeseburger During the End Times, Author: John Grochalski
Title: The Bad News First, Author: Howie Good
Title: 47 Incantatory Essays, Author: Stefene Russell
Title: Leftover Distances, Author: Mike James
Title: Juice, Author: Nadia Arioli
Title: Black Summer, Author: Wayne F. Burke
Title: Something Like Forgiveness, Author: Rebecca Schumejda
Title: Move in Silence, Author: Blake Edward Hamilton
Title: I Know Why Old Men Sit In Front Of Windows All Day Sighing & Crying & Living & Dying When The Sun Goes Down On The City At Night, Author: Joseph D. Reich
Title: City of Song, Author: Glenn North
Title: Toothsome, Author: Art Zilleruelo
Title: Whiteout: recollections on a family of privilege, Author: Hugh Merrill
Title: This Removed Utopia, Author: Dennis Etzel Jr
Title: Transfiguration, Author: Mark Petterson

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