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Title: We 'til Death Do Part, Author: Matt Cooper
Title: Whiteout: full-color recollections on a family of privilege, Author: Hugh Merrill
Title: Counterpart, Author: J.T. Knoll
Title: The Old Ambassador and Other Poems, Author: Wayne Courtois
Title: Un Mango Grows in Kansas, Author: Huascar Medina
Title: For the Love of My God, Mama, Author: Matt Cooper
Title: What Remains, Author: Dawne Leiker
Title: A Coracle for Dreams, Author: Agnes Vojta
Title: The Cutting Songs of the Butcher Son, Author: Michael Cissell
Title: Little Fires Hiding, Author: Jason Baldinger
Title: Salt Holds No Secrets But This, Author: Steve Brisendine
Title: Caresses and Wounds, Author: Bob Savino
Title: Luckhound, Author: Timothy Tarkelly
Title: Deadman, Author: William Sheldon
Title: Dog Alley, Author: Hugh Merrill
Title: Bricolage, Author: Richard Stimac
Title: Museum Made of Breath, Author: Lori Brack
Title: The Practice of Medicine, Author: George Varghese
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Title: At the Lake with Heisenberg, Author: Robert L. Dean
Title: Zeus-X-Mechanica, Author: Jason Ryberg

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