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Title: The World is Waking Up: Poetry of Resistance from Youth Around the World, Author: Jason Ryberg
Title: Pawning My Sins, Author: M.J. Arcangelini
Title: Meet Me Where We Survive, Author: Scott Silsbe
Title: Finding Zen In Cow Town: 30 Poems About Kansas City, Author: Jason Ryberg
Title: Terrible Grace, Author: Paul Koniecki
Title: Baby's First Apocalypse, Author: Zara Lisbon
Title: The Great American Pyramid Scheme, Author: Mack Thorn
Title: Strange Tales from Cherokee Street, Author: Daniel W. Wright
Title: This Unexpected Life, Author: Brenda Linkeman
Title: While Away, Author: Kevin Rabas
Title: Sparkle Princess vs. Suicidal Phoenix, Author: Jeanette Powers
Title: America Stabbed James T Kirk in the Arm with a #2 Pencil, Author: Jeanette Powers
Title: Perfectly Good Muses: the collected apologies of Jeanette Powers, Author: Jeanette Powers
Title: Every Broken Little Thing, Author: Adrian Lime
Title: The Immigrants' New Camera, Author: Maryfrances Wagner
Title: Goatfish Cowtooth, Author: Stephen Johnson
Title: Delta, Author: Caitlin Johnson
Title: Where the Big Rivers Run, Author: Doug Washer
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Title: Lone Wolves, Black Sheep and Red-Headed Stepchildren, Author: Jason Ryberg
Title: Pity for Sale, Author: Tony Brewer

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