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Title: Colossus Challenged: The Struggle For Caribbean Influence, Author: H. Michael Erisman
Title: Between Struggle And Hope: The Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade, Author: Valerie Miller
Title: Cuba's International Relations: The Anatomy Of A Nationalistic Foreign Policy, Author: H. Michael Erisman
Title: Hemispheric Security And U.s. Policy In Latin America, Author: Augusto Varas
Title: Soviet-latin American Relations In The 1980s, Author: Augusto Varas
Title: Mexico's Political Stability: The Next Five Years, Author: Roderic Ai Camp
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Title: Labor And Politics In Panama: The Torrijos Years, Author: Sharon Phillipps Collazos
Title: Sovereignty In Dispute: The Falklands/malvinas, 1493-1982, Author: Fritz L. Hoffmann
Title: Energy Policy In Mexico: Prospects And Problems For The Future, Author: Miguel S. Wionczek
Title: The Human Ecology Of Tropical Land Settlement In Latin America, Author: Debra A Schumann
Title: Paying The Costs Of Austerity In Latin America, Author: Howard Handelman
Title: The New Cuban Presence In The Caribbean, Author: Barry B Levine
Title: Popular Culture In Chile: Resistance And Survival, Author: Kenneth Aman
Title: Who's Who In Mexico Today, Author: Roderic Ai Camp
Title: Political Development And Democracy In Peru: Continuity In Change And Crisis, Author: Raul P Saba
Title: Post-revolutionary Peru: The Politics Of Transformation, Author: Stephen M. Gorman
Title: Inflation, Stabilization, And Debt: Macroeconomic Experiments In Peru And Bolivia, Author: Manuel
Title: Hominid Sites: Their Geologic Settings, Author: Claes Brundenius
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Title: Puerto Rico: The Search For A National Policy, Author: Richard J Bloomfield
Title: Military Government And Popular Participation In Panama: The Torrijos Regime, 1968-1975, Author: George Priestley

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