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Title: Work Out Chemistry GCSE, Author: Alan Barker
Title: Regional Economic Policy, Author: Frank J.B. Stilwell
Title: The Politics of Discourse: The Standard Language Question in British Cultural Debates, Author: Tony Crowley
Title: Understanding Structures: Analysis, materials, design, Author: Derek Seward
Title: The Experience of Managing: A Skills Guide, Author: Karen Legge
Title: Computers and Quantity Surveyors, Author: Adrian J. Smith
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Title: Project Management and Control, Author: David W.J. Day
Title: English Rural Communities: The Impact of a Specialised Economy, Author: Dennis R. Mills
Title: Guide to INVERTEBRATE ANIMALS, Author: Joseph Ernest Webb
Title: Colour Observed, Author: Enid Verity
Title: Social Work with Psychiatric Patients, Author: Barbara Hudson
Title: The Global Politics of the Environment, Author: Lorraine Elliott
Title: Reservoirs, Author: Brian Henderson-Sellers
Title: Regional Economics, Author: Marion Temple
Title: The Stability of the International Monetary System, Author: W.M. Scammell
Title: International Financial Integration: The Limits of Sovereignty, Author: David T. Llewellyn
Title: Auden, MacNeice, Spender: The Thirties Poetry, Author: Michael O'Neill
Title: Residential Work, Author: Roger Clough
Title: Woman, Your Hour Is Sounding: Continuity and Change in French Women's Great War Fiction, 1914-1919, Author: Nancy Sloan (Professor of French Goldberg
Title: New American Dramatists 1960-1990, Author: Ruby Cohn

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