Title: 2050 China: Becoming a Great Modern Socialist Country, Author: Angang Hu
Title: Defending Checks and Balances in EU Member States: Taking Stock of Europe's Actions, Author: Armin Von Bogdandy
Title: Financial Crisis Management and Democracy: Lessons from Europe and Latin America, Author: Bettina de Souza Guilherme
Title: The Thermal Theory of Cyclones: A History of Meteorological Thought in the Nineteenth Century, Author: Gisela Kutzbach
Title: GDPR and Biobanking: Individual Rights, Public Interest and Research Regulation across Europe, Author: Santa Slokenberga
Title: Public Actors in International Investment Law, Author: Catharine Titi
Title: Handbook of Psychodermatology: Introduction to Psychocutaneous Disorders, Author: Mohammad Jafferany
Title: Snowstorms Along the Northeastern Coast of the United States: 1955 to 1985, Author: Paul J. Kocin
Title: Asylum Matters: On the Front Line of Administrative Decision-Making, Author: Laura Affolter
Title: Improving a Country's Education: PISA 2018 Results in 10 Countries, Author: Nuno Crato
Title: History of Meteorology to 1800, Author: H. Howard Frisinger
Title: Revitalizing Indian Agriculture and Boosting Farmer Incomes, Author: Ashok Gulati
Title: The Founder's Investor Choice: Entrepreneurial Decision-Making in Light of the IVC-CVC-Tradeoff, Author: Alexander G W Schrïder
Title: European Cultural Diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine, 1918-1948: Between Contention and Connection, Author: Karïne Sanchez Summerer
Title: Measuring Emission of Agricultural Greenhouse Gases and Developing Mitigation Options using Nuclear and Related Techniques: Applications of Nuclear Techniques for GHGs, Author: Mohammad Zaman
Title: Enhancing Smallholder Farmers' Access to Seed of Improved Legume Varieties Through Multi-stakeholder Platforms: Learning from the TLIII project Experiences in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, Author: Essegbemon Akpo
Title: Water and Earthquakes, Author: Chi-Yuen Wang
Title: Improving Potassium Recommendations for Agricultural Crops, Author: T Scott Murrell
Title: Digital Transformation of Learning Organizations, Author: Dirk Ifenthaler
Title: The Science of Citizen Science, Author: Katrin Vohland

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