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Title: The American Yawp: A Massively Collaborative Open U.S. History Textbook, Vol. 1: To 1877, Author: Joseph L. Locke
Title: 1368: China and the Making of the Modern World, Author: Ali Humayun Akhtar
Title: How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School, Author: Kathryne M. Young
Title: Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic, Author: Sandra Kahn
Title: Translating Food Sovereignty: Cultivating Justice in an Age of Transnational Governance, Author: Matthew C. Canfield
Title: Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How to Thrive in Complexity, Author: Jennifer Garvey Berger
Title: The Burnout Society, Author: Byung-Chul Han
Title: The Engaged Scholar: Expanding the Impact of Academic Research in Today's World, Author: Andrew J. Hoffman
Title: The American Yawp: A Massively Collaborative Open U.S. History Textbook, Vol. 2: Since 1877 / Edition 1, Author: Joseph L. Locke
Title: A Matter of Death and Life, Author: Irvin D. Yalom
Title: A Constitution for the Living: Imagining How Five Generations of Americans Would Rewrite the Nation's Fundamental Law, Author: Beau Breslin
Title: Aurangzeb: The Life and Legacy of India's Most Controversial King, Author: Audrey Truschke
Title: Dialectic of Enlightenment / Edition 1, Author: Max Horkheimer
Title: Pastels and Pedophiles: Inside the Mind of QAnon, Author: Mia Bloom
Title: When the Iron Bird Flies: China's Secret War in Tibet, Author: Jianglin Li
Title: Who Is Man?, Author: Abraham  J. Heschel
Title: Double Agency: Acts of Impersonation in Asian American Literature and Culture, Author: Tina Chen
Title: Sextarianism: Sovereignty, Secularism, and the State in Lebanon, Author: Maya Mikdashi
Title: Occidental Eschatology, Author: Jacob Taubes
Title: Marked Women: The Cultural Politics of Cervical Cancer in Venezuela, Author: Rebecca G. Martínez

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