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Title: Captured: The True Account of Sarah White and the Cheyenne, Author: Bethlynn White
Title: The Odds of Survival: A Helicopter Pilot's Story, Author: Phillip Ide
Title: Murderous Tales, Author: Ebony Brinson
Title: Up Oyster Creek Without a Paddle, Author: Keslie Patch-bohrod
Title: One Dog at a Time, Author: Gary Abelov
Title: Buttons - Book III, Author: Rene Bouche
#3 in Series
Title: Finding Love, Author: C.L. Brister
Title: I Stand Alone, Author: Darren Chancellor
Title: When to Give Up on Life and Child, Author: K S Michaels
Title: The Sentimental Hippo and His Friends, Author: Paula Jarquin
Title: Carlsbad Blue, Author: Murray Levy
Title: Nothing But My Voice, Author: Donna Buiso
Title: A Mystery on Gray Street, Author: Carolyn Croop
Title: The Adventures of Robin Caruso, Author: Richard Hartmetz
Title: Lost at Seabreeze, Author: Sally Valentine
Title: Children's Guide on How to Live Life the Right Way, Author: Azlan MD
Title: Just to Shake the Pastor's Hand, Author: Lashuntres Redmon
Title: The Wizard of the Blue Hole, Author: Armando Rendon
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Title: Forgotten Heroes of the Balkan Wars, Author: Peter Giakoumis
Title: Pygmalion, Author: Richard Hartmetz

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