Title: The Pickleball Bible, Author: Rick Lambson
Title: Loveladies Ennui, Author: Keslie Patch-Bohrod
1 in Series
Title: Love's Eclipse of the Heart, Author: K S Michaels
Title: Then Came the Lightning, Author: K S Michaels
Title: Out of Justice, Author: K S Michaels
Title: Lost at Seabreeze, Author: Sally Valentine
Title: What Stinks?, Author: Sally Valentine
Title: The Pickleball Bible - Student Edition, Author: Rick Lambson
Title: Beyond Lilla, Author: Tracy Fontaine
Title: Uncle Wiggily Starts Off, Author: Howard Garis
1 in Series
Title: Last Hope 3, Author: Michael Tipton
3 in Series
Title: Last Hope 2, Author: Michael Tipton
2 in Series
Title: Last Hope, Author: Michael Tipton
Title: Alice in Wonderland, Author: Richard Hartmetz
Title: The Ghost of Cleremont Farm, Author: Ann-Charlotte Robinson
Title: Murry Peterson: Deceit, Author: Richard Hartmetz
3 in Series
Title: Tell the Girl, Author: KJ Stone
Title: Dear Michelle, Author: Lou Spence
Title: The Lighter Side of War, Author: Kelly Walker
Title: Stories from the Cerebrum, Author: Tim Strutz

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