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Title: Major League Scouting Notebook, Author: STATS INC
Title: The Scouting Report, 1991: The Most In-Depth Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Every Active Major League Baseball Player, Author: STATS
Title: Pro Football Register, 2002 Edition, Author: Craig Carter
Title: Bill James Presents Stats Minor League Handbook 1999, Author: STATS Inc.
Title: Stats Player Profiles, 1993, Author: STATS
Title: Stats Pro Football Revealed, 1996: Player Profiles, Author: STATS
Title: The Scouting Notebook, 1994, Author: John Dewan
Title: Pro Football Register 2005: Every Player, Every Stat, Author: Sporting News
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Title: Stats Minor League Scouting Notebook, 2001, Author: STATS Inc
Title: Major League Scouting Notebook 2004, Author: Sporting News
Title: Stats Pro Football Handbook 2001, Author: STATS Inc.
Title: Hockey Register 2005-06: Every Player, Every Stat, Author: Sporting News
Title: Pro Football Guide: The Ultimate 2004 Football Almanac, Author: Sporting News
Title: Baseball Guide: The Ultimate 2004 Season Reference, Author: Sporting News
Title: Stats Pro Basketball Handbook, 1997-98, Author: STATS Inc.
Title: The Scouting Notebook 2002, Author: STATS
Title: Stats Scouting Notebook, 1996, Author: STATS Inc
Title: Baseball Register, 2004, Author: Sporting News
Title: Complete New York Yankees: The Total Encyclopedia of the Team, Author: Derek Gentile
Title: Stats Minor League Handbook, 1992, Author: STATS

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