Title: Atlantis: Roman, Author: Stephen King
Title: Cuori in Atlantide, Author: Stephen King
Title: La canzone di Susannah - La Torre Nera VI, Author: Stephen King
Title: Teaching Stephen King: Horror, the Supernatural, and New Approaches to Literature, Author: A. Burger
Title: Classe tous risques, Author: Stephen King
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Title: Shining, Author: Stephen King
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Title: Entertainment Weekly The Ultimate Guide to Stephen King Summer 2019, Author: Meredith Corporation
Title: Aki kapja, marja, Author: Stephen King
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Title: A Caixa de Stephen King, Author: Claudio Hernández
Title: Der Turm: Roman, Author: Stephen King
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Title: Revival: A Novel by Stephen King Conversation Starters, Author: dailyBooks
Title: Der Nebel, Author: Stephen King
Title: Shining (edizione italiana), Author: Stephen King
Title: La chiamata dei tre - La Torre Nera II, Author: Stephen King
Title: The Quest for Stephen King's Shorts, Author: Asi Hart
Title: Es von Stephen King (Lektürehilfe): Detaillierte Zusammenfassung, Personenanalyse und Interpretation, Author: der Querleser
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Title: Stephen King 88 Success Facts - Everything you need to know about Stephen King, Author: Jesse Reed
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Title: Stephen King and American History / Edition 1, Author: Tony Magistrale
Title: United States Authors Series: Stephen King, First Decade, Author: Reino Jose
Title: Glas: Roman, Author: Stephen King
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