Title: Not In Our Genes: Biology, Ideology, and Human Nature, Author: Richard Lewontin
Title: Lifelines: Life beyond the Gene / Edition 1, Author: Steven Rose
Title: The Future of the Brain: The Promise and Perils of Tomorrow's Neuroscience, Author: Steven Rose
Title: From the Heart, Author: Steven Rose
Title: Genes, Cells, and Brains: The Promethean Promises of the New Biology, Author: Hilary Rose
Title: ¿Puede la Neurociencia cambiar nuestras mentes?, Author: Hillary Rose
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Title: Chemistry Of Life 4e, Author: Steven Rose
Title: Can Neuroscience Change Our Minds? / Edition 1, Author: Hilary Rose
Title: Can Neuroscience Change Our Minds?, Author: Hilary Rose
Title: The Fool's Illusion, Author: Steven Rose Jr.