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Title: Tech-Stock Prospector, Author: Tech-Stock Prospector LLC
Title: Too Heavy a Yoke: Black Women and the Burden of Strength, Author: Chanequa Walker-Barnes
Title: The Not-So-Intelligent Designer:Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and Intelligent Design Does Not, Author: Abby Hafer
Title: Imagining Jesus in His Own Culture: Creating Scenarios of the Gospel for Contemplative Prayer, Author: Jerome H. Neyrey
Title: Beginnings in Spiritual Life, Author: Dominic O. P. Hoffman
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Title: Doing Theology in the Age of Trump: A Critical Report on Christian Nationalism, Author: Jeffrey W. Robbins
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Title: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, Third Edition: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integraiton, Author: David N. Entwistle
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Title: The Integrity of the Body of Christ: Boundary Keeping as Shared Responsibility, Author: Arden Mahlberg
Title: The Shaking of the Foundations, Author: Paul Tillich
Title: Hello, Artist: Milton Jones
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Title: Losing My Religion, Author: William C. Mills
Title: Into the Deep: An Unlikely Catholic Conversion, Author: Abigail Rine Favale
Title: Be Still!: Departure from Collective Madness, Author: Gordon C. Stewart
Title: God's Creative Gift: Unleashing the Artist in You: Bible Studies to Nurture the Creative Spirit Within, Author: Jody Thomae
Title: Pub Theology: Beer, Conversation and God, Author: Bryan Berghoef
Title: Easy Essays, Author: Peter Maurin
Title: The Gospel of Inclusion, Author: Brandan J. Robertson
Title: Man of the House: A Handbook for Building a Shelter That Will Last in a World That Is Falling Apart, Author: C. R. Wiley
Title: OMG: Growing Our God Images, Author: Mary Ellen Ashcroft
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Title: Unclean: Meditations on Purity, Hospitality, and Mortality, Author: Richard Beck

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