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Title: Famous all over Town: A Novel, Author: Bernie Schein
Title: The Headmaster's Darlings: A Mountain Brook Novel, Author: Katherine Clark
Title: Seam Busters: A Novella, Author: Mary Hood
Title: A Clear View of the Southern Sky: Stories, Author: Mary Hood
Title: Soon: Stories, Author: Pam Durban
Title: A Southern Girl: A Novel, Author: John Warley
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Title: The Cigar Factory: A Novel of Charleston, Author: Michele Moore
Title: Messenger from Mystery: A Novel, Author: Deno Trakas
Title: Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves: Expanded Edition, Author: Maggie Schein
Title: By the Red Glare: A Novel, Author: John Mark Sibley-Jones
Title: Untying the Moon: A Novel, Author: Ellen Malphrus
Title: The Vain Conversation: A Novel, Author: Anthony Grooms
Title: Jacob Jump: A Novel, Author: Eric Morris
Title: All the Governor's Men: A Mountain Brook Novel, Author: Katherine Clark
Title: The Harvard Bride: A Mountain Brook Novel, Author: Katherine Clark
Title: The Stone Necklace: A Novel, Author: Carla Damron
Title: One Good Mama Bone: A Novel, Author: Bren McClain
Title: Fate Moreland's Widow: A Novel, Author: John Lane
Title: Found Anew: Poetry and Prose Inspired by the South Caroliniana Library Digital Collections, Author: R. Mac Jones
Title: A Question of Mercy: A Novel, Author: Elizabeth Cox

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