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Title: And It Will Be A Beautiful Life: A Novel, Author: Craig Lancaster
Title: I Buried Paul: A Novel, Author: Bruce Ferber
Title: American Coup: A Political Thriller, Author: Emanuel Cleaver
Title: The Road to Me: A novel, Author: Laura Drake
Title: American Red, Author: David Marlett
Title: Secrets of a River Swimmer: A Novel, Author: S.S. Turner
Title: The Heebie-Jeebie Girl: A Novel, Author: Susan Petrone
Title: Eternal Graffiti: A Novel, Author: Peter Marlton
Title: No Dawn for Men, Author: James LePore
Title: How to Fall in Love: A Novel, Author: Dalma Heyn
Title: Impacted: A Novel, Author: Benji Carr
Title: Only Some Can Hear My Voice, Author: Brian O'Grady
Title: An Unfinished Death (A Jane Perry Novella), Author: Laurel Dewey
Title: Mendel, Author: Damone Bester
Title: Voices of the Dead, Author: Peter Leonard
Title: If Only: A Novel, Author: Judith Arnold
Title: Everything You Need Is Within You: Life-Changing Insights of a Village Teacher, Author: Surinder Kumar
Title: I Am My Beloveds: A Novel, Author: Jonathan Papernick
Title: Old Music for New People: A Novel, Author: David Biddle

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