Title: Loved and Feared: Buddy McLean, Boss of The Notorious Winter Hill Gang During Boston's Irish Mob War, Author: Larry Leavitt
Title: Hate Me Now, Love Me Later, Author: Jason Brown
Title: Shadow: Based on a True Event, Author: M. J. Manley
Title: Skewered Halo, Author: Brenda Youngerman
Title: Moons of the Solar System, Revised Second Edition: Incorporating the Latest Discoveries in Our Solar System as well as Suspected Exomoons, Author: Thomas Wm. Hamilton
Title: The Bearing Stone, Author: Margaret Williams-Coker
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Title: America: A History, Author: Daniel Anthony-Ignatius
Title: Birth of a White Nation : The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today, Author: Jacqueline Battalora
Title: A Hidden Sicilian History: Second Edition, Author: Ettore Grillo
Title: Messianic Peshitta Siddur for Shabbat, Author: Daniel Perek M.A.
Title: Personhood - A Postulate on the Achievement of Maximum Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Marketplace, Author: John L. Mitchell Jr.
Title: The Repairer of the Breach: Returning to Our Heavenly Father, Author: Don Smith
Title: Don't Blame the Rats, Author: Anthony Paul Sterling M.D. Ph.D.
Title: East Jerusalem: The Former Garden of Eden, Author: Isiah Lawrence Nottage
Title: The Moorish Trilogy: Part One, Author: Andre Ian Johnson
Title: November 2: The Day of the Dead in Sicily, Author: Ettore Grillo
Title: From Glory to Glory:The Life, Ministry, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Author: Angelo Sales
Title: Hidden Truths, Author: Brenda Youngerman
Title: Pickerel Lake 1: Dark Water Secret, Author: Gary Blackburn
Title: 2052 Prophecies: The Last 40 Years, Author: Paul V. Suffriti

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