Title: The Repairer of the Breach: Returning to Our Heavenly Father, Author: Don Smith
Title: Hate Me Now, Love Me Later, Author: Jason Brown
Title: The Day the Grid Went Down : Economic Catastrophe, Author: David J. Nicks
Title: The Irish King of Winter Hill : The True Story of James J. “Buddy” McLean, Author: Michael McLean
Title: Moons of the Solar System, Revised Second Edition: Incorporating the Latest Discoveries in Our Solar System as well as Suspected Exomoons, Author: Thomas Wm. Hamilton
Title: Birth of a White Nation : The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today, Author: Jacqueline Battalora
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Title: Loved and Feared: Buddy McLean, Boss of The Notorious Winter Hill Gang During Boston's Irish Mob War, Author: Larry Leavitt
Title: Loved and Feared: Buddy McLean, Boss of The Notorious Winter Hill Mob During Boston's Irish Gang War, Author: Larry Leavitt
Title: On the Nickel: Doc Watson, Author: Conrad Watson
Title: A Visitor from the Planet of Argon, Author: Howard Bryant
Title: Encoded, Author: Richard Nedbal
Title: Soulsphere: Enthroned, Author: L. Carmichael
Title: Soulsphere: Imprisoned, Author: L. Carmichael
Title: It's Because They Were Black: 100 Years of Fraud and Forgey, Author: Syl Johnson
Title: The Caribou King, Author: Christine Conrad Cazes
Title: Grey Feathers : Led by Love of Country, Author: Daniel M. DeWald
Title: You Missed a Spot!: The New Normal in COVID Kingdom, Author: Ben Clement
Title: When Shadows Fade, Author: Margie Vieira
Title: Shadow: Based on a True Event, Author: M. J. Manley
Title: Bravo: A Memoir, Author: Teresa Bravo-Cortines

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