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Title: Owen the Poet, Author: Dominic Hibberd
Title: British Poetry of the Second World War, Author: L. Shires
Title: Graham Greene's Childless Fathers, Author: Daphna Erdinast-Vulcan
Title: Short Stories and Short Fictions, 1880-1980, Author: C. Hanson
Title: A Critical Introduction to Henry Green's Novels: The Living Vision, Author: Oddvar Holmesland
Title: The Romances of John Fowles, Author: Simon Loveday
Title: The Literary Achievement of Rebecca West, Author: Harold Orel
Title: Philip Larkin and his Contemporaries: An Air of Authenticity, Author: Philip Hobsbaum
Title: Isherwood's Fiction: The Self and Technique, Author: Lisa M. Schwerdt
Title: D. H. Lawrence: New Studies, Author: Christopher Heywood
Title: Iris Murdoch: The Saint and the Artist, Author: Peter J. Conradi
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Title: Literature of Crisis, 1910-22: Howards End, Heartbreak House, Women in Love and The Waste Land, Author: Anne Wright
Title: The English Novel of History and Society, 1940-80: Richard Hughes, Henry Green, Anthony Powell, Angus Wilson, Kingsley Amis, V. S. Naipaul, Author: Patrick Swinden
Title: Virginia Woolf: A Centenary Perspective, Author: Eric Warner
Title: Patrick White's Fiction: The Paradox of Fortunate Failure, Author: Carolyn Bliss
Title: D. H. Lawrence: Sexual Crisis, Author: NIgel Kelsey