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Title: Family Violence, Author: Michael H. Tonry
Hardcover $24.52 $37.50 Current price is $24.52, Original price is $37.50.
Title: Deterrence: The Legal Threat in Crime Control, Author: Franklin E. Zimring
Title: Stateville: The Penitentiary in Mass Society / Edition 1, Author: James B. Jacobs
Paperback from $18.70 $34.00 Current price is $18.70, Original price is $34.00.
Title: Controlling Unlawful Organizational Behavior: Social Structure and Corporate Misconduct, Author: Diane Vaughan
Title: Madness and the Criminal Law, Author: Norval Morris
Title: Punishment in Contemporary China: Its Evolution, Development and Change, Author: Enshen Li
NOOK Book from $48.49 $54.95 Current price is $48.49, Original price is $54.95.
Title: Pursuit of Criminal Justice: Essays from the Chicago Center, Author: Gordon J. Hawkins
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Title: Imprisonment in America: Choosing the Future, Author: Michael Sherman
Title: Public Defender: The Practice of Law in the Shadows of Repute, Author: Lisa J. Mcintyre
Hardcover from $23.58 $24.95 Current price is $23.58, Original price is $24.95.
Title: Pursuing Justice for the Child, Author: Margaret K. Rosenheim
Title: Beating a Rap?: Defendants Found Incompetent to Stand Trial, Author: Henry J. Steadman
Title: Criminal Legalities in the Global South: Cultural Dynamics, Political Tensions, and Institutional Practices / Edition 1, Author: Pablo Ciocchini
Hardcover $129.79 $140.00 Current price is $129.79, Original price is $140.00.
Title: Organized Crime and Corruption Across Borders: Exploring the Belt and Road Initiative / Edition 1, Author: T. Wing Lo Pre-Order Now
Title: Bad Acts and Guilty Minds: Conundrums of the Criminal Law, Author: Leo Katz
Title: Punishment and Modern Society: A Study in Social Theory, Author: David Garland
Title: Social Control of the Drinking Driver / Edition 2, Author: Michael D. Laurence
Title: Women Guarding Men, Author: Lynn Zimmer
Title: The Criminally Insane: A Community Follow-Up of Mentally Ill Offenders, Author: Terence Thornberry
Title: Hardest Drug: Heroin and Public Policy, Author: John M. Kaplan
Title: Scale of Imprisonment / Edition 1, Author: Franklin E. Zimring

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