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Title: Committed to Reform?: Pragmatic antitrust enforcement in electricity markets, Author: Malgorzata Sadowska
Title: Civil Liability of Securities Underwriters: Enforcing the Gatekeeping Function, Author: Olia Skripova
Title: Banking Regulation in Times of Crisis: An Economic Analysis from Turkey and Russia, Author: Deniz Akun Ergun
Title: French Lessons: A Memoir, Author: Alice Kaplan
Title: Politics and Property Rights: The Closing of the Open Range in the Postbellum South, Author: Shawn Everett Kantor
Title: Patents as Protection of Traditional Medical Knowledge?: A Law and Economics Analysis, Author: Petra Ebermann
Title: Measuring Judicial Independence: The Political Economy of Judging in Japan / Edition 2, Author: J. Mark Ramseyer Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Professional Communities and the Work of High School Teaching / Edition 2, Author: Milbrey W. McLaughlin
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Title: Balanced Budgets, Fiscal Responsibility, and the Constitution, Author: Richard E. Wagner
Title: Pervasive Prejudice: Unconventional Evidence of Race and Gender discrimination, Author: Ian Ayres
Title: Smoke-Filled Rooms: A Postmortem on the Tobacco Deal, Author: W. Kip Viscusi Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Towards a Better Assessment of Pain and Suffering Damages for Personal Injury Litigation: A Proposal Based on Quality Adjusted Life Years, Author: Vaia Karapanou
Title: Skepticism and Freedom: A Modern Case for Classical Liberalism / Edition 1, Author: Richard A. Epstein
Title: Skepticism and Freedom: A Modern Case for Classical Liberalism (Studies in Law and Economics) / Edition 2, Author: Richard A. Epstein
Title: When Rules Change: An Economic and Political Analysis of Transition Relief and Retroactivity, Author: Daniel Shaviro
Title: More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws, Author: John R. Lott Jr.
Title: The Social Construction of American Realism / Edition 2, Author: Amy Kaplan
Title: From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society, Author: Eduardo Viveiros de Castro
Title: Japanese Law: An Economic Approach / Edition 1, Author: J. Mark Ramseyer
Title: Impotence: A Cultural History, Author: Angus McLaren Read an excerpt of this book!

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