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Title: Challenges to Representative Democracy: A European Perspective, Author: Robert Wiszniowski
Title: Theory of Political Representation, Author: Jaroslaw Szymanek
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Title: Global Financial Turbulence in the Euro Area: Polish Perspective, Author: Alojzy Nowak
Title: The Civil Service in Poland: Theory and Experience, Author: Jolanta Itrich-Drabarek
Title: Power of Imagination: Education, Innovations and Democracy, Author: Agnieszka Rothert
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Title: Combating Corruption and Other Organizational Pathologies, Author: Zbyslaw Dobrowolski
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Title: The Objectivity of Judicial Decisions: A Comparative Analysis of Nine Jurisdictions, Author: Vito Breda
Title: Accountability and democracy in Poland and Spain, Author: Anna Sroka
Title: Radicalism and Terrorism in the 21st Century: Implications for Security, Author: Anna Sroka
Title: Political Leadership in Morphogenetic Perspective, Author: Filip Pierzchalski
Title: The Discursive Dimension of Employee Engagement and Disengagement: Accounts of keeping and leaving jobs in present-day Bucharest organizations, Author: Alina Petra Marinescu
Title: Competition, Coordination, Social Order: Responsible Business, Civil Society, and Government in Open Society, Author: Jacek Giedrojc
Title: Capitalist Imperialism in Contemporary Theoretical Frameworks: New Theories, Author: Filip Ilkowski
Title: Discretionary Power of Public Administration: Its Scope and Control, Author: Leszek Leszczynski
Title: Understanding Politics: Theory, Procedures, Narratives, Author: Tadeusz Klementewicz
Title: Political Systems of the Former Yugoslavia: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia, Author: Izabella Kimak
Title: The City and Region Against the Backdrop of Totalitarianism: Images from the Life in the Slovak Republic (1939-1945), Illustrated by the City of Nitra and Its Surroundings, Author: Miroslav Palarik
Title: The Transformations of the Civil Service in Poland in Comparison with International Experience, Author: Jolanta Itrich-Drabarek
Title: The Image of
Title: Europe in the International Order, Author: Roman Kuzniar

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