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Title: Algebraic Automata Theory, Author: M. Holcombe
Title: CR Manifolds and the Tangential Cauchy Riemann Complex / Edition 1, Author: Albert Boggess
Title: Ergodic Theory / Edition 1, Author: Karl E. Petersen
Title: Stone Spaces, Author: Peter T. Johnstone
Title: Elementary Introduction to the Theory of Pseudodifferential Operators / Edition 1, Author: Xavier Saint Raymond
Title: Ultrametric Calculus: An Introduction to p-Adic Analysis, Author: W. H. Schikhof
Title: Some Random Series of Functions / Edition 2, Author: Jean-Pierre Kahane
Title: Partial Differential Equations and Complex Analysis / Edition 1, Author: Steven G. Krantz
Title: Introduction to Higher-Order Categorical Logic, Author: J. Lambek
Title: Commutative Ring Theory, Author: H. Matsumura
Title: Several Complex Variables and the Geometry of Real Hypersurfaces / Edition 1, Author: D'angelo John P.
Title: An Introduction to Operator Algebras, Author: Kehe Zhu
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Title: Characteristic Classes and the Cohomology of Finite Groups, Author: C. B. Thomas
Title: An Introduction to Operator Algebras / Edition 1, Author: Kehe Zhu
Title: Finite Group Theory / Edition 2, Author: M. Aschbacher
Title: Local Representation Theory: Modular Representations as an Introduction to the Local Representation Theory of Finite Groups, Author: J. L. Alperin
Title: The Logarithmic Integral: Volume 1 / Edition 1, Author: Paul Koosis
Title: Wavelets: Mathematics and Applications / Edition 1, Author: John J. Benedetto
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Title: An Introduction to the Theory of the Riemann Zeta-Function, Author: S. J. Patterson
Title: Algebraic Homotopy, Author: Hans Joachim Baues

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