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Title: Bitter Magic: Inspired by the True Story of a Confessed Witch, Author: Nancy Hayes Kilgore
Title: Baseball's Greatest What If: The Story and Tragedy of Pistol Pete Reiser, Author: Dan Joseph
Title: Chicken Bone Beach: A Pictorial History of Atlantic City's Missouri Avenue Beach, Author: Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks
Title: Cannons, Cattle, and Campfires, Author: John L. Moore
Title: When I Listened to a Farmer: Photographs and Lyrical Stories of America's Original Entrepreneurs, Author: Pete Curran
Title: Chasing Understanding In The Jungles of Vietnam: My Year as a Black Scarf, Author: Douglas Beed
Title: Final Touchstones, Author: Linda M. Romanowski
Title: My Name is Staszek Surdel: The Improbable Holocaust Survival of Nathan Poremba, the Last Jew of Wieliczka, Author: Joel Poremba
Title: KGB Banker, Author: William Burton McCormick
Title: The Foreman's Boys: The Story of Civilian Conservation Corps, Company 1333, Camp S-63, Poe Valley, Author: William Marcum
Title: Grains of Sand: Tales of a Paranormal Life, Author: Brian Cano
Title: Skadi, Author: Steven Grier Williams
Title: The Most Hated Man in America: Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgment, Author: Mark Pendergrast
Title: Call Sign Dracula: My Tour with the Black Scarves April 1969 to March 1970, Author: Joe Fair
Title: I Refuse to Kill: My Path to Nonviolent Action in the 1960s, Author: Francesco Da Vinci
Title: Beyond the Sunset, a travel memoir: Volume 1: Adventures Outside My Comfort Zone, Author: Sherry Knowlton
Title: Telling of the Anthracite: A Pennsylvania Posthistory, Author: Philip Mosley
Title: Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania: with Numerous Historical Notes and References, Author: George P. Donehoo
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Title: The Conductor: Rian Krieger's Journey - Book 1, Author: Roger A Smith
Title: Art á la Cart: Memoir of a Wayfaring Art Teacher, Author: Marianne Bickett

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