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Title: The Secret, Author: Julie Garwood
Title: The Lion's Lady, Author: Julie Garwood
Title: Ransom, Author: Julie Garwood
Title: The Masked City (Invisible Library Series #2), Author: Genevieve Cogman
Title: The Gift, Author: Julie Garwood
Title: Guardian Angel, Author: Julie Garwood
Title: The Last Telegram, Author: Liz Trenow
Title: The Burning Page, Author: Genevieve Cogman
Title: A Murder of Magpies, Author: Judith Flanders
Title: Oracles of Delphi Keep (Oracles of Delphi Keep Series #1), Author: Victoria Laurie
Title: The Twelfth Enchantment, Author: David Liss
Title: Ten Things I've Learnt About Love: A Novel, Author: Sarah Butler
Title: Worth Any Price, Author: Lisa Kleypas
Title: The Impetuous Heiress, Author: Jane Ashford
Title: His Mistress by Christmas, Author: Victoria Alexander
Title: A Bed of Scorpions, Author: Judith Flanders
Title: Look Behind You, Author: Susan Duerden
Title: Delirium's Mistress, Author: Tanith Lee
Title: The White Forest, Author: Adam McOmber
Title: The Bolter, Author: Frances Osborne

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