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Title: SEAL Strong, Author: Cat Johnson
Title: Protecting Dakota (SEAL of Protection Series #10), Author: Susan Stoker
Title: SEAL Love's Legacy, Author: Sharon Hamilton
Title: Slow Ride (Sleeper SEALs, #2), Author: Becky McGraw
Title: Thin Ice (Sleeper Seals, #7), Author: Maryann Jordan
Title: SEAL Together (Silver SEALs, #2), Author: Maryann Jordan
June 16th
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Title: Grinch Reaper (Sleeper SEALs, #8), Author: Donna Michaels
Title: SEAL in a Storm (Silver SEALs, #5), Author: KaLyn Cooper
Title: SEAL in Charge (Silver SEALs, #4), Author: Donna Michaels
Title: Michael's Mercy (Sleeper SEALs Series #3) (Heroes for Hire Series #10), Author: Dale Mayer
Title: Saving Zola (Sleeper SEALs, #4), Author: Becca Jameson
Title: Broken SEAL, Author: Geri Foster
Title: SEAL Forever, Author: Kris Michaels
Title: Freedom Code, Author: Elaine Levine
Title: All In (Sleeper SEALs, #9), Author: Lori Ryan
Title: SEAL Out of Water, Author: Abbie Zanders Pre-Order Now
Title: SEAL at Sunrise, Author: Caitlyn O'Leary Pre-Order Now
Title: SEAL Undercover (Silver SEALs, #10), Author: Desiree Holt Pre-Order Now
Title: Sign, SEAL and Deliver, Author: Geri Foster Pre-Order Now
Title: Thin Ice: Sleeper SEAL, Author: Maryann Jordan

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