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Title: Cool Blue Tomb, Author: Paul Kemprecos
Title: The Emerald Scepter, Author: Paul Kemprecos
Title: Justice, Author: Joseph Badal
Title: Serpent's Doom, Author: Connie di Marco
Title: Mistletoe Can Be Murder: Every Wife Has a Story, Author: Susan Santangelo
Title: Killing Icarus, Author: Paul Kemprecos
Title: Suspense Magazine October 2012, Author: John Raab
Title: Suspense Magazine, Author: John Raab
Title: The Girl Left Behind, Author: M. William Phelps
Title: Borderline, Author: Joseph Badal
Title: The Mayflower Murder, Author: Paul Kemprecos
Title: Grey Lady, Author: Paul Kemprecos
Title: Tallyman, Author: D. P. Lyle
Title: Ultimate Betrayal, Author: Joseph Badal
Title: Everything to Lose, Author: Joseph Badal
Title: Nothing Good Happens After Midnight: A Suspense Magazine Anthology, Author: Jeffery Deaver
Title: Suspense Magazine November 2011, Author: John Raab
Title: Suspense Magazine February 2010, Author: John Raab
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Title: Suspense Magazine June 2011, Author: John Raab
Title: Natural Causes, Author: Joseph Badal

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