Title: Periscope Heart, Author: Kai Coggin
Title: Pina Bausch, Author: Werner Lambersy
Title: Rock Paper Scissors, Author: Aja Oishi
Title: La Di�spora de Un Aztl�n Norte�o: : Michicanidad Creativity as Witnessed in Bilingual Ethno-Poetry and Photography, Author: Shelli L Rottschafter Ph D
Title: from below/denied the light, Author: Paulie Lipman
Title: LANGUAGE OF CROSSING, Author: Liza Wolff Francis
Title: My Blood is Beautiful, Author: Mercedez Holtry
Title: For Those Who Outlast Their Pain, Author: Niccolea M Nance
Title: Unease at Rest, Author: Wil Gibson
Title: The Promethean Clock or Love Poems of a Wooden Boy, Author: Manuel Montoya
Title: The Language of Bleeding, Author: Jessica Helen Lopez
Title: Elegy for a Star Girl, Author: Christopher Grillo
Title: Passion, Provocation and Prophecy, Author: Jack Hirschman
Title: Sad Bastard Soundtrack: songs of faith and distortion, Author: Paulie Lipman
Title: Trauma Carnival, Author: Saraeve Fermin
Title: You Must Be This Tall to Ride, Author: SaraEve Fermin
Title: Shorn: Apologies & Vows, Author: Benjamin Bormann
Title: Litanies Not Adopted, Author: R.B. Warren
Title: the heart is a muscle, Author: kat heatherington
Title: Nail Gun and a Love Letter, Author: Beau Williams

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