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Title: Ninja Nanny: The Beginning, Author: Natalie Newport
Title: The Cure: The Power of Mind to Cure Cancer and All Other Diseases, Author: Richard Dupuis
Title: All These Things: Something of a Memoir, Author: Tyler Reedus
Title: Visions and Visitors: Memoir of a Psychic, Author: Susan Stockton
Title: Confessions of a Mystic Soccer Mom: A Life Played with Feet in Both Worlds, Author: Monica McDowell
Title: Miraculous Healing: Suffering, Disease, and Chronic Pain Will Quickly Disappear, Author: Richard Doré
Title: Ninja Mommy: Maritime Magic, Author: Natalie Newport
Title: Chimneys: A Ghost Story, Author: C. Stone Mollitor
Title: Before There Were Words: The Energetic Meanings of Runes, Author: Kriss Erickson