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Title: Distributed Computing by Oblivious Mobile Robots / Edition 1, Author: Paola Flocchini
Title: Link Reversal Algorithms, Author: Jennifer Walter
Title: Introduction to Distributed Self-Stabilizing Algorithms / Edition 1, Author: Karine Altisen
Title: New Models For Population Protocols / Edition 1, Author: Othon Michail
Title: Cooperative Task-Oriented Computing / Edition 1, Author: Alexander A. Shvartsman
Title: Distributed Computing Pearls / Edition 1, Author: Gadi Taubenfeld
Title: Network Topology and Fault-Tolerant Consensus / Edition 1, Author: Dimitris Sakavalas
Title: Principles Of Transactional Memory / Edition 1, Author: Rachid Guerraoui
Title: Decidability of Parameterized Verification / Edition 1, Author: Roderick Bloem
Title: Fault-Tolerant Agreement In Synchronous Message-Passing Systems / Edition 1, Author: Michel Raynal
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Title: The Mobile Agent Rendezvous Problem in the Ring / Edition 1, Author: Evangelos Kranakis
Title: Communication Agreement Astractions: For Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems / Edition 1, Author: Michel Raynal
Title: Impossibility Results for Distributed Computing / Edition 1, Author: Faith Ellen
Title: Thetheory Of Timed I/O Automata, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Dilsun Kaynar
Title: Distributed Graph Coloring: Fundamentals and Recent Developments / Edition 1, Author: Leonid Barenboim
Title: Quorum Systems: With Applications to Storage and Consensus / Edition 1, Author: Marko Vukoli?
Title: Distributed Computing Pearls, Author: Gadi Taubenfeld
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