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Title: The Giant Book of Hobby Projects, Author: Tab Books Staff
Title: How to Buy, Maintain, and Sell Your Home, Author: Gene Austin
Title: Modern Radar, Theory, Operation and Maintenance, Author: Edward L. Safford
Title: The Complete Handbook of Radio Receivers and Transmitters, Author: Joseph J. Carr
Title: The Complete Powerplant Efficiency Manual, Author: Frank G. McAleese
Title: CAD/CAM with Personal Computers, Author: Patrick R. Carberry
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Title: The Complete Book of Model Car Building, Author: Dennis Doty
Title: MS-DOS Batch File Programming-- Including OS/2, Author: Ronny Richardson
Title: Basic Electronic Circuits Simplified, Author: Nelson Hibbs
Title: Pilot's Avionics Survival Guide, Author: Edward R. Maher
Title: Chain Saws: Buying, Using, Maintaining, Repairing, Author: Robert A. Ouellette
Title: The Complete Security Handbook: For Home, Office, Car, Boat, RV, Anything, Author: C. A. Roper
Title: Handbook of IC Circuit Projects, Author: Jim Ashe
Title: F-18 Hornet: In Detail and Scale, Author: Don Linn
Title: 44 Electronics Projects for the Darkroom, Author: James Kyle
Title: Elonic Power Control, Author: Irving M. Gottlieb
Title: The Bumper Book of Things a Boy Can Make, Author: Foulsham (W.) Company
Title: Surveying, Author: United States
Title: Practical Shop Math Made Easy, Author: Charles C. Burke
Title: The ABC's of Safe Flying, Author: David Frazier

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