Title: Velvet Door Society, Author: Shanaya Fastje
Title: Alien Apocalypse - The Storm, Author: Dean Giles
1 in Series
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Title: Alien Apocalypse - Genesis, Author: Dean Giles
3 in Series
Title: Alien Apocalypse Payback, Author: Dean Giles
3 in Series
Title: Extinction, Author: Stephen A. Benjamin
2 in Series
Title: The Money Tree, Author: Andrew J. West
Title: Science-Faction, Author: TS Caladan
Title: Son of Zog, Author: TS Caladan
Title: Army Buddy, Author: Ashley Adams
Title: The Lady Mephistopheles, Author: Dean Patrick
Title: Guard Cat, Author: Rosie Oliver
3 in Series
Title: Beyond Barronsland, Author: TS Caladan
Title: Daemon Page, Author: Paul Sherman
Title: Perfect World, Author: A.J. Kirby
Title: Judgment Day, Author: Terry Wright
6 in Series
Title: Behind the Badge, Author: Terry Wright
10 in Series
Title: Science-Faction Volume 1, Author: TS Caladan
Title: The Tournament, Author: Dean Giles
Title: The New Men and the New World, Author: Ts Caladan
Title: Below Par, Author: Lane Cohen

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