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Title: Life of Pi
Director: Ang Lee
Title: Quantum Robotics: A Primer on Current Science and Future Perspectives, Author: Prateek Tandon
Title: Monographie de la famille des hirudinées, Author: Alfred Moquin-Tandon
Title: Putting Higher Education to Work: Skills and Research for Growth in East Asia, Author: World Bank
Title: Clinical Approach to Jaundice, Author: Tandon
by Tandon
Title: Biodiversity: Law, Policy and Governance, Author: Usha Tandon
Title: Immigration And Women, Author: Susan C. Pearce
Title: Dr. Mini Mental Health Meets Willie Wannaknow: A children's book series dedicated to fostering mental health awareness and dialogue. (Book 1: Meeting the not-so- mysterious doctor, ADHD, and tics ), Author: Dr. Mini Tandon
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Title: Reproductive Ecology of Flowering Plants: A Manual, Author: K.R. Shivanna
Title: Textbook of Neurosurgery / Edition 3, Author: Prakash Narain Tandon
Title: A Re-Appraisal of Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras in the Light of the Buddha's Teaching, Author: S. N. Tandon
Title: Project and Policy Evaluation in Transport, Author: Liana Giorgi
Title: Punjabi Century, 1857-1947 / Edition 1, Author: Prakash Tandon
Title: Parson's Diseases of the Eye - E-Book, Author: Sihota
Title: Mobility Engineering: Proceedings of CAETS 2015 Convocation on Pathways to Sustainability, Author: Mahesh Chandra Tandon
Title: Moving toward Universal Coverage of Social Health Insurance in Vietnam: Assessment and Options, Author: Aparnaa Somanathan
Title: Return to Punjab, Author: Prakash Tandon
Title: Does Civil Society Matter?: Governance in Contemporary India, Author: Rajesh Tandon
Title: Rumble Strip, Author: Jason Tandon
Title: Dance as Yoga: The Spirit and Technique of Odissi, Author: Rekha Tandon Pre-Order Now

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