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Title: Tarika Blue, Artist: Tarika Blue
Title: Son Egal, Artist: Tarika
Title: Bibiango, Artist: Tarika
Title: Meditations on the Fridge: Freedom from dieting by maintaining your weight mindfully, Author: Ms. Tarika Lovegarden
Title: Meditazioni sul frigorifero: Liberarsi per sempre dai problemi di peso e dai disordini alimentari, Author: Tarika Lovegarden
Title: 10: Beasts, Ghosts and Dancing with History, Artist: Tarika
Title: Beautiful Children: The Parent's Essential Guidebook for Raising Strong,Balanced, Healthy Children, Author: Tarika Ahuja Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Beneath Southern Skies, Artist: Tarika Sammy
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Title: Soul Makassar, Artist: Tarika
Title: Kurrylicious-Indian Cooking 101: Indian Cooking 101, a Beginners Guide to Basic Indian Cooking, Author: Henna Grover