Title: Vulpinepoet, Author: Taylor Rose
Title: Immortal Human Truth, Author: Sharon K Angelici
Title: Awakening: A Journey to Uplift and to Enlighten, Author: Taylor Rose
Title: Messages of Hope, Author: Taylor Rose
Title: The Magick and the Maker, Author: Sharon Angelici Pre-Order Now
Title: Mark of the Maker, Author: Sharon Angelici
Title: SOME LITTLE SECRETS, Author: Taylor Rose Rusen
Title: Where Do Roses Grow Up?: @theroseyarde, Author: Arlene Aretha Taylor Rose
Title: She Believed She Could: A Journey of self discovery one day at a time, Author: Sharon Angelici
Title: Dear Kane; what I wish we would have said, Author: Sharon Angelici
Title: The Journey Into Space, Author: Taylor Rose Doonan