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Title: The Crooked Trail
Title: Overland Stagecoach
Title: Bob Steele Double Feature: Headin' North/Pinto Canyon
Title: Phantom Rancher
Title: Lightning Carson Rides Again
Title: Rider of the Law/the Pal from Texas
Title: The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury
Title: Rolling Down the Great Divide
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Title: His Fighting Blood/Wilderness Mail
Title: Pinto Canyon
Title: Classic Western Double Feature
Title: The Lion Man
Title: Diablo Rides/Billy the Kid's Range War
Title: The Sky Bandits
Title: Border Caballero
Title: His Fighting Blood
Title: Vigilantes of Boom Town
Title: Buster Crabbe Double Feature: Fuzzy Settles down/the Mysterious Rider
Title: The Shrinking Man, Author: Richard Matheson
Title: The Shrinking Man #2, Author: Ted Adams

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