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Title: Your Body Belongs to You, Author: Cornelia Maude Spelman
Title: Blue Corn Soup, Author: Caroline Stutson
Title: Baby Bear's Not Hibernating, Author: Lynn Plourde
Title: Always Twins, Author: Teri Weidner
Title: Say Daddy!, Author: Michael Shoulders
Title: Watching Game, Author: Louise Borden
Title: Look Both Ways: A Cautionary Tale, Author: Diane Z. Shore
Title: Helen the Fish, Author: Virginia L. Kroll
Title: Jeremy: The Tale of an Honest Bunny, Author: Jan Karon
Title: Give Yourself to the Rain (Poems for the Very Young), Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Title: Halloween, Author: Ann Heinrichs
Title: Kids' Cookbook: Kid-Tested Recipes from the West Village Nursery School, Author: West Village Nursery School
Title: Goodnight Baby Bear, Author: Michael Shoulders
Title: Christmas Eve with Mrs. Claus, Author: M. P. Hueston
Title: Little Chick, Author: Standard Publishing
Title: Chicken Little, Author: M. J. York
Title: A Tiny Tale of Benjamin Bunny, Author: Beatrix Potter
Title: Give Yourself to the Rain: Poems for the Very Young, Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Title: Christmas with Kathie Lee, Author: Kathie Lee Gifford
Title: When The Fireflies Come, Author: Jonathan London

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