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Title: Hermeneutics: The Handwritten Manuscripts, Author: Friedrich D. E. Schleiermacher
Title: Manegold of Lautenbach, Liber contra Wolfelmum Translated with Introduction and Notes by Robert Ziomkowski, Author: R Ziomkowski
Title: Serbocroatian Heroic Songs, Volume 3: Weddings of Smailagic Meho, Author: Milman Parry
Title: Ranulph Higden, Ars componendi sermones, Author: M Jennings
Title: On the Glaubenslehre: Two Letters to Dr. Li'Acke, Author: Friedrich Schleiermacher
Title: Mystical Theology: The Glosses by Thomas Gallus and the Commentary of Robert Grosseteste 'de Mystica Theologia', Author: J McEvoy
Title: Serbocroatian Heroic Songs, Volume 6: Bijelo Polje, Three Texts from Avdo Mededovi´c
Title: A Thirteenth-Century Textbook of Mystical Theology at the University of Paris, Author: LM Harrington
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Title: Henry of Ghent's Summa: The Questions on God's Existence and Essence (Aricles 21-24), Author: J Decorte
Title: Italian Renaissance Diplomacy: A Sourcebook, Author: Monica Azzolini
Title: Henry of Ghent's Summa: The Questions on God's Unity and Simplicity (Articles 25-30), Author: RJ Teske SJ
Title: Durkheim on Religion / Edition 1, Author: Emile Durkheim
Title: The de Brailes Hours: Shaping the Book of Hours in Thirteenth-Century Oxford, Author: Claire Donovan
Title: Religion of Reason: Out of the Sources of Judaism / Edition 2, Author: Hermann Cohen
Title: Viking Attacks on Paris: The Bella parisiacae urbis of Abbo of Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Author: N Dass
Title: The Source of Human Good, Author: Henry Nelson Wieman
Title: William of Saint-Amour: De periculis novissimorum temporum, Author: G Geltner
Title: Viking Poems on War and Peace: A Study in Skaldic Narrative, Author: Russell Poole
Title: Albert of Saxony, Quaestiones Circa Logicam: Twenty-Five Disputed Questions on Logic, Author: MJ Fitzgerald
Title: Francois Villon: Complete Poems, Author: Francois Villon

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