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Title: A Journey to Christ Through the Tabernacle, Author: Leonard Carter
Title: Out of Exile: Fannie Heck & the Rest of the Story, Author: Rosalie Hall Hunt
Title: Two Coins, Author: Jesse Crim
Title: Blessed Is the Man: A Legacy of Faith and Family Values, Author: Donald Darnell Harper
Title: Granny Rabbit's Gooseberry Pie: Stories and Poems, Author: Mayna Cosby Parks
Paperback $13.25 $13.95 Current price is $13.25, Original price is $13.95.
Title: Her Way: The Remarkable Story of Hephzibah Jenkins Townsend, Author: Rosalie Hall Hunt
Title: My Own Backyard, Author: Danny Nicholson
Title: Juniper Jupiter: World's Greatest Juggler, Author: Cherry Smith
Title: Excommunicated: 11 Steps to Church Revitalization, Author: Danny Burnley
Title: Mount of Congregation: Honoring the Heroes of WWII's 42nd Infantry 'Rainbow' Division, Author: Mark A Davis
Title: You Did Not Weep: The Woman in the Grave, Author: Cynthia Winkler
Title: The Family Doctor Speaks: The Truth About Seed Planting: Equipping Believers for Evangelism, Author: Robert E Jackson
Title: Prove It to Me: A Drama About the Miracles of Jesus, Author: Martha Axmann
Title: You Can Live Until You Die, Author: James Rudy Gray
Title: Spiritual Strokes, Author: Danny Burnley
Title: God at the Founding: A Guide to Praying for Our Country and Ourselves, Author: Betty Ann Taylor Killian
Title: Holidays & Holy Days: The Grace of Sacred Days, Author: Edwin Leap
NOOK Book $8.49 $9.99 Current price is $8.49, Original price is $9.99.
Title: Sunday Best, Author: Juanita Garrison
Title: The Gospel According to St. Matthew: Presented by the Oconee Bible Study, Author: Chris Ashley
NOOK Book $6.49 $6.95 Current price is $6.49, Original price is $6.95.
Title: Worth It All, Author: Jack Mahaffey

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