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Title: Defending the King James Bible, Author: Th D. Ph. D. Waite Dr D. a.
Title: Cleaning-Up Hazardous Materials, Author: Kirk Divietro
Title: The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, Author: Dr. Scott Lively
Title: When The Kjv Departs From The Majority Text, Author: J. A. Moorman
Title: Marks of Eternal Life, Author: J. Paul Reno
Title: In Defense of the Textus Receptus, Author: Jim Taylor
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Title: 8,000 Differences Between the N.T. Greek Words of the King James Bible and the Modern Versions, Author: Jack Moorman
Title: Daniel, A Commentary and Survey Series: The Times of the Gentiles and the Times of Jerusalem, Author: J. A. Moorman
Title: The Oxford Debate On The Textual Criticism Of The New Testament, Author: Edward Miller
Title: Forever Settled, A Survey Of The Documents And History Of The Bible, Author: Dr. Jack Moorman
Title: Genesis to the Exodus: A Commentary and Survey Series, Author: J. A. Moorman
Title: The 1560 Defined Geneva Bible: With Modern Spelling, Old Testament, Author: David L. Brown
Title: The Church, Beginning, Baptism, Body, and Bride, Author: Jack A. Moorman
Title: The Revision Revised, Author: Dean John William Burgon
Title: One Tittle Shall In No Wise Pass, Author: Dr. Chester W. Kulus
Title: A Warning!! On Gail Riplinger's KJB & Multiple Inspiration Heresy, Author: D. A. Waite
Title: The Indestructible Book, Author: David L Brown
Title: Missing In Modern Bibles, The Old Heresy Revived, Author: Jack A. Moorman
Title: Studies in Bible Doctrine, Author: J. Paul Reno
Title: The Power of the Gospel: A Survey of Romans, Author: Steve Combs

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