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Title: What the Night Brings: An Anthology, Author: Jo Leigh
Title: Better than Expected: An Anthology, Author: Nancy Warren
Title: The Right Moves: An Anthology, Author: Kate Hoffmann
Title: Suite Seduction, Author: Leslie Kelly
Title: Trick Me, Treat Me, Author: Leslie Kelly
Title: Your Bed or Mine?, Author: Kate Hoffmann
Title: Honeymoon with a Stranger, Author: Janice Kaiser
Title: About Last Night..., Author: Stephanie Bond
Title: Just a Little Fling, Author: Julie Kistler
Title: Naughty by Nature, Author: Jule McBride
Title: Barely Mistaken, Author: Jennifer LaBrecque
Title: It's a Guy Thing!, Author: Cindi Myers
Title: Once Upon a Mattress, Author: Kathleen O'Reilly
Title: One Naughty Night, Author: Joanne Rock
Title: Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Author: Wendy Etherington
Title: Strangers In The Night, Author: Kristin Gabriel
Title: Early To Bed?, Author: Cara Summers
Title: When the Lights Go Out..., Author: Barbara Daly
Title: Bedspell, Author: Jule McBride
Title: Better Than Chocolate..., Author: Jennifer LaBrecque

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