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Title: Law and Criminality in the Middle Ages: Academic Essays, Author: Onyoo Elizabeth Kim
Title: Korean Spirit: Poems, Author: H C Kim
Title: Biblical Studies In Motion, Author: Heerak Christian Kim
Title: My Korean Experience: A Road to the Future, Author: Julia Jeon
Title: Boxed In And Other Stories, Author: Andrew Kim
Title: Are English Jews Responsible for 9/11? an Examination of the History, Problems, and Causes, Author: Devdas Pradesh
Title: Why I Hate Israel: A Candid Account, Author: Priya Gandhi-Ganesh
Title: Questions You Always Wanted to Ask about Easter Answered, Author: Mark Fernando
Title: New Morning of the Pasture: Poetic Reflections of a Korean American Pastor, Author: Manwoo A Kim
Title: Korean-American Stories, Author: Ariel Raimundo Choi
Title: Hebrew, Jewish, and Early Christian Studies: Academic Essays, Author: Heerak Christian Kim
Title: The Origin Of The Roman Catholic Church In Korea, Author: Jai-Keun Choi
Title: Korean-American Chronicles, Author: April Myung
Title: Dialogue And Antithesis: A Philosophical Study On The Significance Of Herman Dooyeweerd's Transcendental Critique, Author: Yong-Joon Choi
Title: Journeys in Biblical Studies: Academic Papers from SBL International 2008, New Zealand, Author: Heerak Christian Kim
Title: Galatians as Examined by Diverse Academics in 2012 (St. Andrews, Scotland), Author: Heerak Christian Kim
Title: Christian Body Politic, Author: Christian Kim
Title: Amazing Korean Trio, Author: Hojae Jin
Title: Psalms Of Solomon, Author: Heerak Christian Kim
Title: Korean-American Youth Identity And 9/11: An Examination of Korean-American Ethnic Identity in Post-9/11 America, Author: Heerak Christian Kim

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