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Title: Hebrew, Jewish, and Early Christian Studies: Academic Essays, Author: Heerak Christian Kim
Title: Bat Yam, Author: H C Kim
Title: Cambridge University Student Union International 2003-2004: International Students' Struggle for Representation in the United Kingdom, Author: Christian Kim
Title: Asian-American Life Stories: Achievements by Young Asian-American Leaders, Author: Benjamin Choe
Title: Korean Methodist Church In Australia And New Zealand, Author: Yong-Sun Yang
Title: Netherland by Joseph O'Neill & President Barak Obama's America: A Historical-Literary Examination, Author: H. C. (Heerak Christian) Kim
Title: Res Gestae Christiani: My Time as the President of the Cambridge University Korean Society 2002-2003, Author: Christian Kim
Title: Unconditional Election: Poems, Author: H C Kim
Title: Psalms Of Solomon, Author: Heerak Christian Kim
Title: Interests Of Future Korean-American Leaders, Author: Minjae Kim
Title: Why I Hate Israel: A Candid Account, Author: Priya Gandhi-Ganesh
Title: Why You Should Not Have Sex Before Marriage, Author: Sam Goode
Title: Missions Strategies Of Korean Presbyterian Missionaries In Central And Southern Philippines, Author: Hoo-Soo Jose Nam
Title: Friendly Advice for the Future of China: Suggestions for Political, Educational, and Economic Reforms to Survive 21st Century Global Competition, Author: Otto Xing
Title: Yahudit: A Novel, Author: Sammy Goldman
Title: Are English Jews Responsible for 9/11? an Examination of the History, Problems, and Causes, Author: Devdas Pradesh
Title: My Korean Experience: A Road to the Future, Author: Julia Jeon
Title: Korean-American Experience in the United States: Initial Thoughts, Author: Christian Kim
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Title: Korean-American Voices of Youth in New Jersey, Author: Esther Hah
Title: Korean-American Chronicles, Author: April Myung

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